Timeline – Miss Universe – The Olympics of Beauty

1952 The first Miss Universe is held in Long Beach, California, with 30 states and regions. Armi Kuusela (Finland) will become Miss Universe.

1953 There are 26 international locations competing in MU. Morocco’s candidate, Colette Ribes, does now not compete inside the contest.

1954 The 2nd Miss Universe festival opens in Long Beach, with احسن جامعة فى مصر 33 states and dependencies, which include Honduras, New Zealand and Singapore. Miriam Stevenson (South Carolina) becomes Miss Universe.

1955 Surprisingly Ceylon -Sri Lanka since 1972- is second runner-up for Miss Universe. On the alternative hand, Cuba sends an entry, Gilda Marin, to the worldwide event in the States.

1956 Welcome to California! There are 30 entries. Finland, which had received the identify four years in the past, does no longer take part. Carol Morris (Iowa) is elected MU.

1957 At the invitation of the Miss Universe Organization, Joaquín Alberto Vargas y Chavez, Peru’s painter, flies to California to be one of the worldwide judges. For the primary time, Martinique sends a contestant.

1958 There are 36 nations and territories competing. Corine Rottschafer, Holland’s consultant, wins Miss Photogenic.

1959 Akiko Kojima (Japan) succeeds Luz Marina Zuloaga (Colombia) as Miss Universe. On the alternative hand, Miss England will become Miss Photogenic.

1960 MU Organization comes to a decision to transport the occasion from California to Miami Beach (Florida).Burma -present-day Myanmar- wins Miss Congeniality.

1961 There are 46 states and territories competing-from Austria to the American Virgin Islands. Greece’s candidate, Eleftheria Deloutsi, wins Miss Amity.

1962 There are greater than 50 republics and dependencies in Miss Universe, which includes Luxembourg, Haiti and Tahiti. Hawaii’s Macel Wilson, Miss United States, is one of the semi-finalists.

1963 Richard Henry Sellers, additionally called Peter Sellers, is one of the judges. Miss Israel, Sherine Ibrahim, wins the Best National Costume within the pageant.

1964 Colombia’s Luz Marina Zuloaga, 1958 Miss Universe, is one of the judges in Miami Beach.Manuela Stramana, Italy’s contestant, turns into Miss Photogenic.

1965 Welcome to Florida! Fifty-seven republics and dependencies ship entries to Miss Universe within the U.S. The Kingdom of Thailand, a state in South East Asia Region, wins Miss Universe!

1966 There are 58 states and regions,such as four former British colonies competing as independent countries-Guyana, Trinidad Tobago, Singapore, and Jamaica. Miss Sweden (Margareta Arvidsson) defeats Miss Finland (Satu Charlotta Ostring) inside the very last.

1967 Venezuela’s Mariela Perez Branguer, MU’s favorite delegate, does no longer win the title. Bonaire, a Dutch territory within the Caribbean, competes at MU for the primary time.

1968 Welcome to Miami! Entries from sixty five republics and dependencies competing for the crown of Miss Universe. For the sixth time, Okinawa, an American possession between 1945 and 1972, sends a contestant.

1969 New Zealand wins Miss Photogenic.Argentina’s Norma Nolan, who have been MU 1962, is one of the judges.

1970 There are 64 states and regions. Marisol Malaret (Puerto Rico) Contreras is the brand new Miss Universe. Miss United States, Debbie Shelton, places 2d at the worldwide event.

1971 Lebanon’s Georgina Rizk, a model from Beirut, wins the arena name, and Miss Philippines, Vida Valentina Fernández, crowns Miss Photogenic. Georgina speaks French, Italian and Arab. On the opposite hand,Yugoslavia, a Communist country in SE Europe, does now not take part.

1972 MU is held outside of the Continental United States for the first time with Puerto Rico the host usa. A panel of international judges elects Kerry Wells, Miss Australia, as MU 1970. The judges are: Mapita Cortes (actress/PR), Earl Wilson (journalist/America), Kiyoshi Hara (businessman/Japan), Jean-Louis Indican (businessman/Belgium), Lynn Redgrave (actress/Britain), Sylvia Hitchcock (MU/Alabama), Arnold Scaasi (fashion designer/United States),Edilson Varela (journalist/Brazil), Line Renaud (singer/France), Kurt Jurgen (actor/Germany), Fred Williamson (actor/USA).

1973 Welcome to Greece, one of the international’s oldest countries. Bob Barker opens the 21 st Miss Universe, with sixty one delegates from around the sector. Maria del Rocío Martín of Spain wins the Best National Costume.

1974 Manila, Philippines. The authorities proclaims the termination of Folk Arts Theater,venue of Miss Universe 1974.

1975 Miss Universe is held in El Salvador, seemed as possibly the maximum a success of the current era. Micronesia, an American territory in Oceania, makes its international debut.

1976 World-famous filmmaker Roman Polanski arrives in Hong Kong to be one of the worldwide judges. Liberia -the second one black republic within the cutting-edge history- competes at MU for the primary time.

1977 Eighty international locations and dependencies in MU in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, by a ways the most nations ever to participate. New international locations/areas in Miss Universe: Saint Lucia (Caribbean), French Guiana (South America) and Saint Kitts (Caribbean).

1978 Miss Universe in Acapulco, Mexico. According to El Sol (Mexico’s newspaper), there are 12 favorites: Dorik Jellinek (Israel), Guillermina Ruiz (Spain), Alva Margarita (Mexico), Olga Zumaran (Peru), Maribel Fernández (Costa Rica), Iris Yvette Mazorra (El Salvador), Elizabeth Ann Jones (Wales), Solange Castro (Curacao), Judy Andersen (Hawaii), Margaret Gardinier (South Africa) and Lesotho (Joan Libuseng Khoali).

1979 At the invitation of the MUO, Julio Iglesias flies to Perth (Australia) to be one of the worldwide judges. Venezuela’s Maritza Sayalero, who has Spanish origin, wins the name. Belize, a former UK dependency in Central America, qualifies for the semi-finals.

1980 The MUO holds its 28 th worldwide event in Seoul, Korea. Semi-finalists in 1980 are Scotland, Sweden, PR, NZ (MU’s favored), Panama, SK, Canada, Tahiti, Colombia, USA (winner), Philippines, and Iceland.

Timeline – Miss Universe – The Olympics of Beauty
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